Showers & Toilets

The camp site’s bathroom is newly built, simple but decent and clean with authentic and rustic elements.
(I learned a lot while ´repurposing´ this former pigsty, from tiling to plumming to renovating old walls.)

The shower cabins are spacious, one even is a double sized ´parent-child´ shower.  At Quinta Rural no hassle with shower tokens, but free good old hot s howers.  The water comes from private sources and water mine in the mountains, purer than pure. 

Next to this area, on the little court, you will find the dish washing place. 

As for the outdoor showers are concerned, that nature´s gift to us. The  water is solar heated in the tubes as it naturally flows to your shower: just sun & gravity, 100% ecological.  Not to forget the amazing view you get to enjoy.

In the fall of 2014, we plan to start working on an additional (and ecological ) shower/toilet building on the camp site area.


SAM_3713 SAM_3724