• The Quinta: welcome (home on holiday)

      Wanneer je komt logeren op Quinta Rural, kom je thuis in een massief granieten vierkantshoeve waarvan het oudste deel uit 1673 stamt. Je ´voelt´ deze geschiedenis al meteen wanneer je bij aankomst de Adega binnenloopt.  De Adega is nu één grote, open ruimte, tot de nok toe. Je ziet precies het handwerk, de sporen van het verleden, de uitbreidingen die eeuwen geleden hebben plaatsgevonden.+ ……..

  • Adega: bar / bistro / reception / recreation

    The centuries old Adega is the meeting point of the quinta.+ ……..

  • Peek into the kitchen

    Sneak preview on our summer menu 3 – 4 times a week, during high season, you can join us at the dinner table. Traditional & local meals that a a true fest for everyone´s taste buds, from child to grown up. Straight from our ow kitchen and prepared with fresh local (and often biological) ingredients. Vegetarian is possible if notified in advance.+ ……..

  • Baby foot

    Baby foot

    A heavy-weight, sturdy, old-fashioned baby-Foot table in Portuguese style awaits you to accept the challenge.+ ……..

  • Internet, if you must…

    At Quinta Rural it´s easy to get away from everyday rush.  Even to unplug from our everyday ´digital´ life. No ringing or beeping telephone, no 100 mails to respond and no social media robbing you from your ´real´social life. Instead there´s this amazing ocean of time for you to enjoy and put to good use.+ ……..

  • Menagerie

    Quinta Rural comes with its own  ´menagerie´ The “permanent residents” that will come up to greet you are, amongst others,  the sweet cuddly (fat) dogs Neo & Pj’s, the cat ´Poesje´  (who actually belongs to a neighbour but prefers to live here),  our horse family, the free-range chickens and a stubborn goat called Joana. We also have some  ‘visitors’ from time to time.+ ……..

  • Campfire

    In for a private night of silence and fire gazing ? Or rather a glass of wine  and a  good conversation at the sound of crackling fire & some guitar play? Camping and campfire are like a horse and carriage, you can´t have one without the other. Many a thrilling story has been told and fun game has been played on these occasions.  A couple of times a week, we have a…+ ……..

  • Showers & Toilets

    The camp site’s bathroom is newly built, simple but decent and clean with authentic and rustic elements. (I learned a lot while ´repurposing´ this former pigsty, from tiling to plumming to renovating old walls.) The shower cabins are spacious, one even is a double sized ´parent-child´ shower.  At Quinta Rural no hassle with shower tokens, but free good old hot s howers.+ ……..

  • Bio Pool

    The biological pool is our pride and joy on a hot summer´s day,  swimming, paddling, bobbing, floating..+ ……..