Rural property for sale

Rural property for sale in Northern Portugal

North Portugal has many ´hidden treasures´ when it comes to property.  Many a dreamhouse is hidden from the potential buyer, as most properties are not listed on the internet, let alone findable for the non-Portuguese property searcher.

With displaying a pre-selected offer of property on our website, Home Land Portugal can help you find or sell your dream house in the ´Green Heart´ of Portugal;

Whether you are ´just´ looking for a place under the sun, a comfortable holiday home or if you´re looking for a complete lifestyle change and aspire a sustainable life or want to take on big renovation projects, browsing through our property listing you will come across Farms, quintascountry housesrenovated houses, farming / forest land & building plotsruins and renovation projects,  commercial property, such as guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, campsites, equestrian property, bars, restaurants etc.